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Pokloni za rodjendan.

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Our YoloBook original birthday gifts always leave a strong impression! Display your favorite photos, unforgettable memories and beautiful moments in uniquely designed photo albums, frames and boxes that will bring smiles to your loved ones’ faces!
Take a look at our birthday gift ideas and choose a surprise that will delight all birthdays celebrants!
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Personalized gifts for your favorite celebrants

The most beautiful birthday gifts are those that carry a personal message for the celebrants. That is why shared photos are the perfect way to remind them of the great times you spent together, but also to share your excitement about everything that is yet to come!

YoloBook products have become an irreplaceable part of original birthday surprises because our products last and your fondest memories continue to live with them!

Birthday gifts that tell the most beautiful stories

Choose one of our special surprises for your friends, parents, boyfriend or girlfriend! These photos will be displayed in a creative but playful style depending on your wishes and the person you are giving the gift to.

YoloBook Maxi

  • 60 beautiful birthday moments

YoloBook isn't one of those photo albums that can't fit just a few more photos because there's no more space. YoloBook Maxi has enough space for all your most cherished memories and can easily become the perfect birthday gift for someone special!

Yolo Book Maxi can fit as many as 60 photos from your social media accounts or phone library.

22.99 EUR


YoloBook Mini

  • Say congratulations in 48 photos

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book about an experience or special relationship you have with a loved one, their birthday is the right time to make it happen with the help of our YoloBook Mini!

At YoloBook we know that a picture speaks more than a thousand words and we enjoy turning your photos into memory books that will tell your story in a creative way through a selection of 48 selected photos!

16.99 EUR


YoloFrame 30x30

  • A sentimental birthday present

There is always one photo that is worth more than a hundred others. If you know that your loved one has such a picture, display it in a YoloFrame 30x30 so they can decorate their wall, desk or any other corner in an original way.

Its finest black wood is beautifully elegant and it will easily become one of the most wonderful and special decorative pieces in your loved one’s home.

24.99 EUR


YoloFrame 30x46

  • A great frame for the greatest memories

If you ask the YoloBook team, the most important moments and memories have the following dimensions: 30x46! These are the measures of our largest frame which we use to display special photos from important occasions, unforgettable trips or special events.

YoloFrame Maxi in black is made of the finest wood and is a beautiful and a bit unusual decorative piece. All you have to do is complete it with a suitable photo and delight the birthday celebrant in a way that will be remembered for a long time.

29.99 EUR



  • Polaroid pictures - original birthday gifts

Polaroids are a creative and modern way to preserve memories, but also to make birthday gifts truly unique. YoloBox is a memory box that holds 60 Polaroid photos of your choice! This surprise box is really an extraordinary gift, which is one of the reasons why Yolo birthday gifts have become so popular.

A gift designed in this way will delight anyone close to you. These charming pocket-sized memories will become beautiful pieces of decoration on their desks, shelves or anywhere else in their personal space.

25.49 EUR

Special birthdays designs
- colorful and creative

YoloBook products are recognizable by their cheerful motifs that dominate in our design. We have designed stunning birthday designs to perfectly fit the occasion! Choose the design you prefer to complete your gift and stay creative and thoughtful when giving gifts!

Take a look at our birthday gift ideas and order

All you have to do is download the YoloBook app through which you can select and send us photos, and we will Turn it into an original gift as soon as possible.