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General Terms and Conditions

Dear Customers, Before using our services and ordering our products, please read carefully the following General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: the General Terms and Conditions) and the Privacy Policy (hereinafter: the Rules). Each visit to our web and mobile application (hereinafter referred to as 'the app' or 'Yolobook' app) means that you have read and agree to these General Terms and Conditions. If they are not acceptable to you, please do not use our services or the application.

The Yolobook Application allows you to use our services and content in full accordance with the General Terms and Conditions set out below, and any further access to the Website and the Yolobook Application shall be deemed to be your agreement and that you will use all content at your own risk and solely for personal (non-commercial) purposes.

These General Terms and Conditions have the property of a contract between:

1. Business society ,,YOLO TECHNOLOGY DOO BEOGRAD,
street Bulevar vojvode Bojovica 8, 11000 Beograd,
MB: 21343498, PIB: 110367012 (hereinafter: YOLO) and
                                 2. Each individual user of the application (hereinafter User or Buyer).

Application | Article 1

The contractual relationship between YOLO and the User shall be subject solely to the following terms and conditions in the version published on the website and applicable at the time of ordering.


Subsidiary, other relevant regulations of the Republic of Serbia (Consumer Protection Act, Law on Obligations, etc.) also apply to the contractual relationship, unless otherwise agreed by these General Conditions.


The User may save and / or print these General Terms for the purposes of his online order.

Contracting Parties | Article 2

The contracting party of the Beneficiary is YOLO TECHNOLOGY DOO with a business seat in Belgrade.

Conclusion of contract | Article 3

The User, through the Application, orders YOLO to create photo albums and / or photo-related products (hereinafter referred to as 'goods') by submitting photographs in electronic form and personal information. By clicking on the 'Report' link, the User submits a binding offer for the conclusion of the contract.


Prior to the final order submission, the User may at any time review and / or modify his submitted information, identify any errors in the entry, and correct them before the final order confirmation by clicking the 'Order' link. Any further requests from the Customer after the order has been placed are excluded.


The contract is concluded when YOLO confirms to the Customer the receipt of the order to the User's email address.

Price | Article 4

Goods are delivered at the prices valid on the day of ordering by the Customer, which are listed on the website and in the application.


The total price for the goods consists of the value of the order including value added tax.


Failure of the Beneficiary to cancel the contract | Article 5

In accordance with item no. 3. Art. 37 of the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 62/2014, 6/2016 - other law and 44/2018 - other law, hereinafter referred to as the Consumer Protection Act or JCE), in connection with with item. 6th c. Art. 27 of the CPA, the User has no right to cancel the order after YOLO has confirmed acceptance (ie he has no right to cancel the contract), since photographs, photo albums and / or products related to photographs (goods) are made according to the requirements of the User's order and as such are clearly personalized.

Delivery & Delivery | Article 6

Delivery or delivery of goods to your home or other appropriate address is by courier and according to the provisions stated on the website and in the application for each individual order, unless otherwise agreed between YOLO and the User. .


The time required for delivery is stated in advance in the ordering process. In the event of delay in delivery, the Customer is not entitled to compensation unless the delay is caused by extreme negligence or intent by YOLO.


In the event that the Customer does not pick up the goods, YOLO reserves the right to fully settle the claim based on the service provided, as well as the justified costs incurred in connection with the provision of services. YOLO is not responsible for accidental failure or damage to the goods in this case.

Payment | Article 7

Goods ordered The customer pays for the goods.

Property rights in goods | Article 8

The goods remain the property of YOLO until full payment of the entire price for the goods in the specific order.

Responsibility for goods conformity | Article 9

Goods are not in conformity with the contract unless they comply with the technical standards for the development and processing of digital photographs.


The User is obliged to advertise visible defects on the delivered goods, which can be seen by regular inspection, immediately after delivery, and within eight days after receipt of the goods, otherwise, he loses the right that belongs to him. Subsequent complaints of visible defects are excluded.


Hidden defects may be advertised within eight days of the date the User discovered the defect and within six months of receipt of the goods.


In justified complaints, the Customer has the right to demand that the defective goods of YOLO be eliminated by replacement. If no replacement is possible, YOLO will reduce to the User the total price for the defective goods by the unit price of the service for the particular type of goods.


The complaint can be submitted electronically through the website, by mail to the address ul. Bulevar vojvode Bojovica 8, 11000 Beograd, addressed to YOLO TECHNOLOGY DOO, or orally to the record at the address provided.


Instead of the requirement for a corresponding reduction in the price of st. 4 of this Article, the User may request termination of the contract, unless the deficiency of the goods is insignificant.

Liability for damage Article 10

YOLO is responsible for damage to the goods by the time of delivery.


YOLO's liability for damage or loss of photographs on the User's media or YOLO media, as well as the loss of photographs during electronic data transmission or transmission over computer networks or while stored on the server, is excluded.


YOLO will endeavor to ensure that the services it provides are always available, however, due to circumstances such as regular maintenance of the system or server, access to the application may not be possible. YOLO will not be liable for any damages resulting from this.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy | Article 11

The user is aware and agrees that his personal data, which are required for order fulfillment and archiving, are stored on data carriers. The User is aware and agrees that his personal information is collected, processed and used for the purpose of fulfilling the order and informing the User about the product range and services of YOLO.


YOLO treats all information confidentially and transmits it to the courier service (postal operator with which it has a contract) only to the extent necessary to deliver the ordered goods. YOLO does not disclose, disclose, or otherwise disclose personally identifiable information of the User to third parties.


For more information about how YOLO treats User information, see the separate Privacy Policy available at and in the app.


The User has the right to revoke his consent to take the actions referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article at any time with future effect. YOLO, in the event of a recall, agrees to promptly delete all Personal Data of the User, unless the order-specific process has been fully completed.


YOLO shall not be liable for the loss of User's data submitted when ordering the Goods, except in the case of intent or gross negligence. The customer takes care to own copies of the information he or she has submitted to YOLO for processing.


YOLO does not provide the information provided by the User. The photographs submitted by the Customer as part of the order to YOLO shall be deleted 14 days after the order has been submitted.

Intellectual property law and penal provisions | Article 12

The user is responsible for the content of the submitted photographs for the production of the goods. All orders submitted by YOLO to Customer assume that the User has all necessary intellectual property rights as well as other rights with respect to the content of the orders (including, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, etc.). >                         

The User is solely responsible for all consequences arising from possible infringement, and is obligated to relieve YOLO of any liability or compensation for any damages or costs, in the event of infringement of those intellectual property rights and other rights in the submitted content.                         

By placing an order with YOLO, the User warrants that the contents of the submitted photographs do not violate any penalties, and in particular not those applicable to the spread of child pornography. If YOLO becomes aware of a breach of criminal law, it will immediately notify the competent authorities.


YOLO reserves the right to refuse ie. does not accept the order if it finds it appropriate that the content of the order is inappropriate or for any other reason unacceptable and will inform the User in due time.

Final provisions | Article 13

YOLO may change these Terms and Conditions at any time by updating this document. Periodically visit this site to review the current terms and conditions, because they are binding on you.


The place of fulfillment of all contractual obligations is the seat of YOLO.


If certain provisions of the contract with the Beneficiary become wholly or partially null and void, this will not affect the legal validity of the remaining provisions of the contract.


In case of legal disputes regarding this contractual relationship, the legislation of the Republic of Serbia shall apply.


The Contracting Parties shall endeavor to resolve any disputes or disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement amicably. If this is not possible, the disputes will be settled before the local and competent court in the Republic of Serbia.


If you have any questions or further information, please contact us at


Note: This document is computer generated and valid without signatures and stamps