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Pokloni za porodicu.

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Family gifts in an original and imaginative way - preserve memories and delight your loved ones. The YoloBook family helps you turn all your memories into tangible scrapbooks: photo albums, rustic polaroids and sleek frames that will knock anyone off their feet.

Check out our gift ideas for Mom and Dad, Grandma and other family members, and through the app im unique YoloBook surprise.
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YoloBook albums, frames and other
personalized family gifts

Sometimes the real challenge is to find a gift that perfectly describes our affection and love for our family. YoloBook suggests that gift ideas for mom and dad go in a more elegant and symbolic direction, while gift ideas for a brother or sister exude colorfulness, creativity and your personal stamp.

What if we told you that with YoloBook you would be able to combine all these features into one perfect, unique gift that will forever remain in your fondest memory?

All you need to do is choose collections that will make your gift ideas for mom, dad, sister, brother, and even grandparents a much nicer and warmer sign of attention.

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best YoloBook family gift

Gifts for the family are a unique opportunity to thank them concretely for the attention, love and support they selflessly provide us. The best way to achieve this is to show how much you appreciate every moment spent with them - collected in a unique YoloBook collection of shared photos , made to the taste of a family member you intend to surprise.

YoloBook Maxi

  • An original way to preserve family memories

YoloBook Maxi is a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime as it collects some of the most beautiful, traditional family memories in a modern way.

YoloBook Maxi is a larger photo album that holds all your family photos - from childhood to all the festive moments captured by the lens. Choose the top 60 photos and use the app to make them part of your modern, family photo album to which you will always return with a smile.

22.99 EUR


YoloBook Mini

  • Gift ideas for a brother or sister

Gift ideas for a brother and sister are usually easy to find, given that they are someone we know best. You don't have to wait for a special occasion for a gift for a brother or sister - surprise them with a creative YoloBook Mini photo album , with your favorite photos from travel, school or birthday . Just flip through the photos on your phone or computer and see how many beautiful moments were recorded with you in the lead roles.

16.99 EUR


YoloFrame 30x30

  • A decoration that will always make family members laugh

Beautiful photos are all around us. If a family member is a photo lover, likes to take a photo or his phone is full of "selfies" - treat him with a simple but effective gift in the form of an elegant YoloFrame picture frame that can come with one or four pictures per your choice.

24.99 EUR


YoloFrame 30x46

  • Wall decoration for a family house

To always remember the most beautiful, shared moments , YoloBook has prepared an elegant, black frame for all families that can hold up to 15 photos. Our YoloFrame for 30x46 images is the perfect gift idea for a brother, sister or other family member who is not able to spend too much time with their loved ones

29.99 EUR



  • A creative box for fans of rustic Polaroids

YoloBook has prepared a small, compact box for all lovers of "vintage" style and rustic, in which we pack 60 photos according to your wishes. You choose the design and color according to the occasion or taste of the family member when you intend to give.

YoloBox Polaroid photos are great gift ideas for grandparents or an elderly family member when these photos will remind you of your youth and some carefree times. But don't limit yourself, Polaroids are equally loved by younger people who appreciate art photography.

25.49 EUR

Order the most beautiful gift for your family in a few clicks

YoloBook friends have been participating in the most beautiful surprises for your families for years. All generations are looking forward to our creative gifts with your photos in the lead roles, because we made them for every age and to everyone's taste.

YoloBook original family gifts are ordered very easily and quickly. All you have to do is select the most beautiful YoloBook collection in the app and enter the highest quality photos.

Your YoloBook personalized gifts will be delivered in 5 to 9 business days, and there is a fast delivery option if you want your order to arrive within 2 business days.