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Pokloni za Novu godinu.

Gifts for
New Year

YoloBook New Year’s gifts are here to convey the most beautiful holiday wishes to your loved ones through beautiful photos displayed in our YoloBook, YoloFrame or YoloBox variants. Our original New Year's gifts will surely delight the people you love - all you need to do is send us your favorite photos!

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Photo albums, frames and other personalized gifts for New Year

YoloBook is the perfect way to surprise your loved ones and wish them a happy New Year or a very merry Christmas. Send us your favorite photos that we will display in a YoloBook album or the YoloFrame, available in two different sizes! YoloBox is another great option for a New Year's gift for someone you love - because what’s more beautiful than reminding them of all the beautiful memories you shared?

Take a look at our holiday collections and choose the best option for your personalized New Year’s gifts!

Surprise your loved ones with an album, a photo frame or Polaroid pictures

Display your favorite photos in creative YoloBook albums or elegant photo frames that come in two different sizes. For a romantic gift, share your favorite memories together in a YoloBox.

YoloBook Maxi

  • 60 memories that will make your loved ones smile

If you already have a lot of shared memories, then the YoloBook Maxi will be the perfect choice! It can fit as many as 60 of your favorite photos. Your friends or family members will enjoy flipping through your YoloBook Maxi album and reminiscing about all the vacations, concerts, parties and winter holidays you spent together.

22.99 EUR


YoloBook Mini

  • 48 photos as a sentimental gift for your friends and family

YoloBook Mini could be the perfect gift for the holidays - a modern photo album containing 48 photos of your choice! Find 48 of your most precious memories, choose collections that your friends or family members would particularly like and order an album that will be an original and nostalgic gift.

16.99 EUR


YoloFrame 30x30

  • A gift for someone that appreciates beautiful things

If you want a sentimental but sophisticated gift for someone you care about, you can’t go wrong with the YoloFrame 30x30! It is a frame made of the finest wood in black, which makes it the perfect fit for any wall, by itself or combined with other photos.

What makes this frame special are your memories, so send us one or four photos that will look beautiful in a YoloFrame and gift it to someone special in your life!

24.99 EUR


YoloFrame 30x46

  • A big frame for your precious memories

A big framed photo of you together will evoke the most beautiful emotions! That’s why we’ve created a YoloFrame 30x46 which is sure to take center stage among all the other images on anyone’s wall. With its beautiful black frame and high-quality wood, this frame is the perfect gift for anyone you care about that will last forever!

29.99 EUR



  • Polaroid pictures for all the dreamers

YoloBox is designed so that your favorite moments are always at hand! You can choose 60 photos that we will print in the popular Polaroid format and place them in small, compact boxes to be kept on a bookshelf at home, or even in the car, making sure your favorite memories are always close.

25.49 EUR

Order a New Year's gift and make someone happy with a YoloBook surprise

Check out our holiday surprise ideas and order a gift that will delight your loved ones. All you have to do is download the YoloBook app and select the photos you want from your Instagram or Facebook account or phone, edit their order and select your desired collection.

It's up to us to create the perfect New Year's surprise and send it to the delivery address as soon as possible. Let our YoloBook New Year's gifts be your secret weapon during the holiday season!