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Pokloni za dan zaljubljenih.

Gifts for
Valentine's Day

Original Valentine's Day gifts in the form of YoloBook, YoloFrame and YoloBox surprises will delight your loved one. Love Day deserves to be celebrated in a special way - with shared memories packed in creative and romantic Yolo formats!

Check out our Valentine’s Day gift ideas and choose the perfect way to give away memories!
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Photos in creative formats
as a gift for Valentine's Day

A gift for a girl, just like a gift for a boy, should be something special, beautiful and creative. It is in this spirit that we have created our offer, which includes unique photo albums, picture frames and photo boxes with Polaroid photos . Old, classic photo albums have been given a modern touch with YoloBook products, so our products are the most popular form of romantic surprises.

There are also different collections created especially for Valentine's Day , and it's up to you to choose the design that will best fit your photos!

Choose an album, frame or photo box
surprise for her or him

Original gifts for Valentine's Day have several shapes and formats , and it's up to you to choose the one that best fits your vision of an original gift for this holiday. Check out our Valentine’s Day gift ideas !

YoloBook Maxi

  • Your love story in 60 photos

Great love can be told in 60 photos, and the proof of that is our YoloBook Maxi - a romantic photo book whose content depends exclusively on you. Get creative on Valentine's Day and choose the 60 most beautiful memories that you would like to keep specially preserved, and we will place them in the popular YoloBook Maxi for this occasion! Your loved one will be delighted!

22.99 EUR


YoloBook Mini

  • 48 photos as a sign of love

The ideal gift for Valentine's Day is one that is personalized, and one way to give it away is to single out 48 of your favorite photos that we will place in the creative YoloBook Mini . Our creative album design, along with your most beautiful photos, will make the perfect surprise for the person you love!

16.99 EUR


YoloFrame 30x30

  • The most beautiful frame for romantic moments

Let the perfect photo from your trip get an equally beautiful frame! YoloFrame 30x30 is here to frame your fondest memories, but also all those spontaneous moments where smiles and looks look even more sincere! This frame created for Valentine's Day comes in black, and is made of the finest wood, which makes a great decoration on every wall.

24.99 EUR


YoloFrame 30x46

  • A frame that holds your favorite memories

YoloFrame 30x46 is a frame that frames your favorite moments and keeps you in a visible place! You can choose one or 15 photos that we will frame with an elegant, black frame , and such a checkered gift will be the perfect sign of attention for Valentine's Day, but also a great wall decoration that will captivate with memories!

29.99 EUR



  • Romantic box with Polaroid photos

If “love to take” sounds great to you, give your loved one a YoloBox - a compact box containing 60 Polaroid photos of your choice! It is a creatively designed box that comes in two designs, and which is very practical - it can serve as a decoration, but also as something that your boyfriend or girlfriend will always be able to carry with them - in a backpack, bag, car or pocket!

25.49 EUR

Order YoloBook formats
as a gift for Valentine's Day

See what original Valentine's Day gifts are on our offer and via the YoloBook app place your order, in just a few steps. You can choose photos from your phones, computers, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and through the application you can also choose the desired romantic collection, as well as the order of photos.

Order a creative and beautiful gift for Valentine's Day!