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Yolobook Products

Our YoloBook, YoloBox and YoloFrame are here to make sure your memories are safe and sound! Discover our unique products and choose your favorite way to collect your most treasured photos.

Yolo heroes - A unique way to keep your memories safe

We are bringing back the beautiful tradition of developing and collecting photographs, but with a modern twist!

For all photography enthusiasts that enjoy flipping through old photo albums, our YoloBook albums are a great way to rediscover the traditional way of displaying all the beautiful moments captured on camera.

We offer a variety of creative cover designs to choose from inspired by different themes, including family, holidays and travel adventures! Also, you can choose one entire year and pick the photos that made it special. You only need to choose the photos and their order, and we’ll make sure you get a beautiful, high-quality photo album with amazing covers.

One thing is certain: our YoloBook photo albums will always make you smile, both today and 10 years from today.
Yolo junaci

A great choice for decorating your home

Your favorite photos deserve a special place in your home. Choose the most suitable size of our YoloFrame and decorate your living room, bedroom or any other area of your home. Personalize your interior and brighten up your house with some of your happiest memories and most cherished moments.

For polaroid lovers, we recommend our famous YoloBox! Decorate your room with a pin board filled with all your favorite polaroids, movie tickets and other memorabilia and get creative with personalizing your space.
Poklon za godisnjicu

Surprise your loved one with this original gift

YoloBook is a great surprise for any family member, close friend or your special someone. Our albums, frames and polaroid boxes are gifts that will last and serve to remind your loved ones of the importance of keeping memories.