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Pokloni za prijatelje.

Gifts for

YoloBook gifts for friends bring together your shared memories in creative and innovative formats. Choose YoloBook, YoloBox or YoloFrame and make your friend happy in an original way! This kind of gift will cause enthusiasm that only beautiful memories can encourage.

See what original gifts are for a friend and another part of our offer and choose a unique gift for them!
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Photos in album, frame
or box as gifts for friends

Gifts for friends have to be special, so YoloBook has come up with original ways to surprise them, with nothing but your fondest shared memories. Collect photos from memorable trips, birthdays or other occasions you've enjoyed and send them to our team who will "pack" the photos in a special way.

In addition to choosing a picture album, frame or box, you can also choose a special collection that will complement your photos! See which collections we’ve created for your friends and choose the one they like best!

Choose unique and personalized
gifts for friends

The most beautiful side of YoloBook products is their personalization, because your photos make our albums and other formats unique and especially intended for people important to you. Check out the best gift ideas for a friend or friend!

YoloBook Maxi

  • Friendship in 60 photos

A great gift idea for a friend or friend is a picture album with as many as 60 photos that bring together all your most beautiful and fun moments in one place. In our YoloBook Maxi for friends, there are photos with perfect shots, but also those that capture spontaneous moments that you love the most. Gather memories in one place and delight your best friends in a creative way!

22.99 EUR


YoloBook Mini

  • 48 photos for best friends

A special surprise for your friends can be the YoloBook Mini , which contains 48 photos of your choice. The photo album created in this way, with the creative designs of the collection you choose, will make a perfect gift for a friend or friends with whom you share a series of memories, experiences and beautiful moments.

You share them with us, and we’ll give them a new, YoloBook Mini look that your friends will adore!

16.99 EUR


YoloFrame 30x30

  • Frame your friendship in the most beautiful way

The shared photo you love the most deserves to be found in a nice frame that will make it even more complete! Find photos with a friend that you consider special, and we will place them in YoloFrame 30x30 strong> - wall frame made in black of the finest wood.

Unusual YoloFrame specimens and even better memories are great gift ideas for a friend, but also a best friend!

24.99 EUR


YoloFrame 30x46

  • Great frame for great friendships

We can also place one or 15 photos with your friends or even their portraits in a large YoloFrame 30x46 which will be the dominant decoration on your friends' wall. Surprise them with one or more photos that fit into one elegant black wooden frame and enjoy their delight.

29.99 EUR



  • Nice memories in one box

Unique gift ideas for a friend or another is YoloBox - a compact box containing 60 Polaroid photos of your choice! Polaroid has never gone out of fashion, and our phenomenal YoloBox designs make them an even more urban and beautiful gift.

A small box with photos can be a beautiful decoration, but also something that your friends will always be able to carry with them in a bag, car or even pocket, because memories are very practical, if you give them away in the right way!

25.49 EUR

Original gifts for a friend and a friend in a few steps

Take a look at gift ideas for a friend or another and order a YoloBook surprise that will leave them speechless! Just download YoloBook app , through which you can select photos and place an order, and we will make sure that the surprise for your friends is unforgettable. Delivery of gifts to the desired address.