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Pokloni za osmi mart.

Gifts for
Women's Day

Gifts for Women's Day in an original way with YoloBook products. We are here to convey the best wishes, admiration and love we have for all our ladies. With YoloBook gifts, turn all beautiful memories into tangible, photo-scrapbooks that make you smile. Check out our gift ideas for Women's Day, make the most beautiful surprise via the app and knock down every dear lady in your life.
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Albums, frames and other
personalized gifts for Women's Day

YoloBook gifts for Women's Day are one of the most beautiful ways to delight all members of the fairer sex on such an important and beautiful holiday, because they combine timeless style and tradition with modern design and unique workmanship.

The easiest way for the original gifts for Women's Day to be a complete hit is to contain something personal - and is there anything more personal than a shared photo that nurtures memories? Meet the YoloBook app and use it to create a unique gift that we can make for you in just a few days.

Take a look at our YoloBook collections and choose the most beautiful one to decorate with your photos.


YoloBook Maxi

  • Original gifts for Women's Day in 60 photos

The best way to show a dear woman how much you love and appreciate her for her holiday are creative YoloBook photos reminiscent of your favorite gatherings. Collect all the precious memories from your vacation, from school, work or going out and make her happy by traveling through time in 60 photos in the YoloBook Maxi album for pictures.

22.99 EUR


YoloBook Mini

  • Photo-card as a gift for Women's Day

The original gifts for Women's Day come in the form of the most beautiful photo-greeting card that YoloBook makes for you from 48 photos. It's up to you to choose the best possible shared photos with your sister, mother, grandmother or friend from your phone and surprise them with a personal and creative token of attention .

16.99 EUR


YoloFrame 30x30

  • Women's Day sign of attention

Yolo Frame in dimensions 30x30 is an original surprise for Women's Day for all ladies who appreciate elegant and long-lasting gifts. Our YoloBook Frame, in which we can frame one or four favorite pictures, is made of fine wood , is black in color and will fit perfectly with the rest of the interior.

24.99 EUR


YoloFrame 30x46

  • Elegant wall decoration

Choose your favorite photo, family or nostalgic, from the trip and pack it into our larger YoloBook picture frame that will become a creative gift and elegant wall decoration . If you can't decide on one, choose as many as 15 pictures! A special person also deserves a unique gift for Women's Day, which will remind her of how many valuable relatives or true friends she has with her.

29.99 EUR



  • Women's Day photo-memory box

For all lovers of "vintage" photography and all those who like to keep their values in boxes - we have prepared a special surprise. It is a YoloBox gift box containing 60 Polaroid photos printed on glossy paper.

25.49 EUR

Original gifts for Women's Day
- order YoloBook surprises

Pack your travel, birthday, anniversary memories and save them from the passing of time . Do not give up the opportunity to take them with you always and everywhere. YoloBook has allowed you to make a gift for Women's Day a universal gift of invaluable emotional value.

Look for the best photos in the best possible resolution and make them part of one of our romantic collections via the YoloBook app . In a few clicks, choose the ideal schedule and order the most beautiful gift for Women's Day to your mother, sister, friend… YoloBook promises you that the surprise will forever remain in a beautiful memory and that the lady will often return with a smile.

Your YoloBook personalized gifts will be delivered in 5 to 7 business days, and there is a fast delivery option if you want your order to arrive within 2 business days.