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Original gifts for children in the form of YoloBook heroes have become a favorite way to teach kids to keep memories! We packed all photos from the summer, from school, with friends or parents, in creative, YoloBook albums, frames or boxes with photographs.

Choose the perfect gift and create a unique YoloBook surprise through the app and enjoy the tangible childhood memories of your little ones.
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Yolo albums, frames and other
personalized gifts for children

YoloBook grows and creates the most beautiful memories with you.

Do you remember the old picture albums that we used to wear as a gift to our friends? Giving away albums today can still be an original way to make your little ones happy , and YoloBook will help you with that.

The YoloBook range will win over every child with its creativity, unique design and unusual realization , at first sight! It's up to you to decide which product to wish you a happy birthday, birth or baptism, because YoloBook little things can be both original and personalized gifts for babies. But the choice is not easy, we offer you a choice of several YoloBook collections , ideal for a gift for a child.

Choose and order the
most beautiful YoloBook gift

The YoloBook Gift Collection is an ideal gift for children of all ages! Our range includes the most beautiful, personalized baby gifts, while colorful, contemporary children's picture albums can be original gifts for school-age children. which will keep photos from all important occasions such as birthdays, school events or unforgettable trips.

YoloBook Maxi

  • An album with 60 fond childhood memories

Our YoloBook Maxi is an ideal gift for a child. Its creative design will attract the attention of every curious child, and with the help of parents (but also friends), the child will learn to keep all important moments in this way in the future. The YoloBook Maxi can also be a great, personalized gift for babies and their parents, with photo-memories that marked the beginning of their life together. Include the first photos from the maternity hospital, hugs from mom and baby, a happy family, the first cry at baptism, and even the first steps and you will get a priceless collection with as many as 60 memories that will knock everyone off their feet.

22.99 EUR


YoloBook Mini

  • Children's albums for pictures from school

The most beautiful memories are those to which we return again and again in order to save them from oblivion. Teach children to collect all the beautiful moments with friends, meetings and farewells, performances and masquerades and jealously store them in small, specially designed booklets that you can design according to children's tastes, with their favorite photos.

16.99 EUR


YoloFrame 30x30

  • A decoration for a children's desk that will always make you smile

Decorate the wall in your toddler's room in a creative and warm way - with a YoloFrame picture frame with his favorite photo or 4 dear pictures. Our YoloFrame is a unique way to decorate a toddler’s room or desk, with memories full of beautiful emotions.

24.99 EUR


YoloFrame 30x46

  • Original gifts for children can also be on the wall

Another YoloFrame for pictures made of fine wood in black we also make in slightly larger dimensions (30x46) - for the most beautiful wall decoration with which you can beautify a child's room. Capture one important moment or choose 15 memories of growing up - in a sleek YoloBook picture frame.

29.99 EUR



  • A chest full of Polaroid memories

We also offer two different designs of YoloBox boxes for modern, Polaroid photos, printed on glossy paper. You can choose the design depending on the gender of the child and the occasion for which you are ordering. You select the order of photos in the box via the application.

25.49 EUR

Order the most beautiful gift for children in a few clicks on the application

It is up to us to teach children to appreciate the memories we create with them and for them. Yolo Heroes: YoloBook, YoloBox and YoloFrame are here to make this journey easier for children and adults alike and much more colorful.

YoloBook original gifts for children are ordered very easily and quickly. All you have to do is select the most beautiful YoloBook collection in the app and upload the best quality photos.

Your YoloBook personalized gifts for kids will be delivered in 5 to 7 business days. There is also the option of fast delivery, if you want your order to arrive within 2 working days.