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YoloFrame Photo Frames -

YoloFrame Photo frames are an original form of decoration with which you will decorate your home with your favorite memories framed by the finest wood. Our photo frames come in two sizes - learn about the features of YoloFrame and choose whether your walls will be adorned with one framed photo or with several photos in the frame.

YoloFrame 30x30

YoloFrame 30x30 photo frames are an ideal way to decorate your walls with quality wooden frames with 1 or 4 photos that depict your fondest memories.
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YoloFrame 30x46

YoloFrame 30x46 je jedinstven ram za slike koji može sadržati 1 ili čak 15 fotografija koje vas sećaju na najsrećnije trenutke. Poručite naš unikatni ram i ulepšajte svoj dom.
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YoloFrame frames for more photos - for more beautiful memories

The photo frame is the most beautiful decoration on the wall, because in addition to the aesthetic, it carries with it a great emotional value and a story that is hidden behind each framed photo.

Photo framing has always been a way to store images from the most important events or adventures to remember, and with the Yolo team it is now possible to frame more significant memories in an equally elegant way.

YoloBook Frame frames can contain a single photo you want to highlight, and can be frames for multiple images. If you decide for a photo frame in the size 30x30, your wall can be decorated with 4 photos in the frame, while the frame size 30x46 can hold as many as 15 favorite photos.

Whether your choice is smaller or large photo frames, you can be sure that you will enrich your home with modern decorations that will make you smile every day and remind you of beautiful and important moments.
YoloFrame ramovi za vise slika
YoloFrame kvalitetni drveni ramovi

Quality wooden photo frames YoloFrame

YoloFrame frames are made of the finest wood, thanks to which they will surely be timeless keepers of your memories. The wooden photo frames are painted black, which makes them a modern solution for framing photos, which will fit into any ambience and bring a dose of warmth into it.

A unique photo frame from our offer can also be a great gift idea - your friends, partner or family members will surely be happy when they receive their favorite photos in the frame from you!


We have created a list of all of your frequently asked questions in order to help you find the answers as quickly and as easily as possible. We believe you can find all the answers here, but in case that doesn’t work, please feel free to contact us directly!

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YoloBook products are ordered via the mobile app. You can insert photos from the gallery of your mobile phone, from Facebook or Instagram. The link to download the application is

YoloFrame is a frame made of the finest wood and glass. We make it in two dimensions: 30x30cm (24,99€) and 30x46 cm (29,99€). The frame can be one or a collage of four or fifteen of your photos.

YoloPrints are individual photos printed on Glossy paper. We have them in 6 dimensions: 10x10, 10x13, 10x15, 13x13, 13x15 and 15x15. There can be a maximum of 100. The price for 40 photos (10x10, 10x13 and 10x15) is 18€, and each additional photo is charged +2.8 kn. The price for 40 photos (13x13, 13x15 and 15x15) is 22 EUR, and each additional photo is charged +3,35 kn

YoloCalendar is a specially designed calendar with 13 photos of your choice. The dimensions of the calendar are 20x20cm. There are two different types of calendars: YoloCalendar Basic and YoloCalendar Boho. The price of the Basic calendar is 19,99 EUR, and the price of the Boho calendar is 21,99€.

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